Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grateful for it all!

Well, this week has been ...let's just say interesting.... When my beloved husband has to go out of town over night it always makes things at home a little more chaotic. Trying to manage kids, home, dog (four child), Trevor's mysterious rash, Linzhi deciding she really is a monkey and not a little girl and Rachel just being my "colorful" child and not to mention my job as a health care I've been rather unusually busy! I do however count my blessings everyday that I have a wonderful partner in CJ, I am so blessed to have a wonderful profession that allows me to work remotely from home (plus, fantastic managers) and of course, three beautiful HEALTHY children and the love of my Lord that makes sure I have the "strength" for this life that has been given to me.
Well, when daddy is out of town the kids and I kind of stick to no certain schedule and it's kind of fun to be on our own. So Tuesday night, I took the kids to Old Country Buffet. Not my favorite restaurant but I thought the girls would have fun making ice cream sundaes and Trevor, like all teenage boys was just happy to eat. After that, we went to Target and just "looked around" actually ended up buying several summer dresses that were on sale for $5. My girls LIVE in sun dresses so when I find then that cheap, I stock up! We ended the night by watching my favorite show "American Idol" called in my 25 votes for the beautiful singer David Archuleta, tucked my baby girls in for the night, chit chatted with Trevor, then went for my daily dose of Billy Blanks and Tao bo. It's nice to be off schedule but it's so nice to hear the garage door open and see my hubby walking in the door. The girls of course squeal "Daddy, Daddy" and I wait my turn for the "I'm home kiss" Life is good!
Today, I let the girls stay in their PJ's and play with Play Doh until lunch time, it was nice to just drink my coffee and watch the TODAY show...Yeah, right!!! I wish!!! Amy did laundry!


AnnaB said...

Sounds like you make the best of it when CJ is gone!! I HATE when Brian has to leave. It's terrible. Luckily he doesn't have to do it too often. Thank you so much Amy for all your sweet words. You are a rare gem!!!

Chelley said...

A wish from the heart, a whole lotta love and hugz
HAPPY Mother's Day !

The Ferrill's said...

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!
The play dough pictures look like so much fun!!!!!!!