Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Well, this is my first time being tagged AND I was tagged by two of my favorite blogger's... Laine @ and Barbie @ it goes...

Favorite person (outside family)? Rod Franklin. He is a very dear friend of ours,he's the associate Pastor at our church and I've been in an ongoing bible study with him for over 2 years.

"Favorite food? Chips and fresh salsa!!!!! We we're in Mexico, that's all I eat!!

Quirks about you? Wow, I have so many.... Let's see.... I Windex my kitchen sink several times a day. I like it to be shinny. It's the one thing in my kitchen that doesn't have little prints all over it!! LOL.

How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? Well, I asked CJ and he actually wrote it down on paper for me!!! Ok, this is what he said... " Sexy, honest, caring, self-less, funny, hardworking, intense, loving, leader and always giving. I thought that was so sweet of him....I love you CJ!

Any regrets in life? Yes, I wish I would have given ALL of myself to the Lord much earlier in my life, I feel so much peace within myself that I struggled with for many years. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 21 but it took until I was 30 to give it all to him.

Favorite Charity/ Cause? Definitely special needs orphans, St.Jude's Children's research hospital (I actually have recruited nurses that work there), Shriner's Hospital in Chicago (Linzhi will be receiving treatment there next month)! and

Favorite Blog recently? I love this site! Pam and her husband moved to China to teach English but one night a little baby was abandoned outside their apartment, they took the child to get medical care, fell in love with her and did eventually adopt her. That's not the end of the story which I cannot do justice, you have to read their story. I am in awe of their Godly hearts for the little ones in China... Please check out this site. Be prepared to laugh, cry, smile, pray, jump for joy and just be plain inspired =)

Something you can’t get enough of? My favorite Christian radio station and a flat iron (lol)

Worst job you’ve ever had? Years ago when Trevor was a little guy, I was a very young single mother and desperately wanted to avoid putting him in Day care so, I became a licensed childcare provider and had a very successful daycare in my home for 2 years. I had 7 little boys which I loved with all my heart. I loved my job with these babies but the worst (hardest) thing I had to do was turn a mother into DCFS. I was terrified! But I saw this little guy turn from a happy child to a terrified child the minute his mother walked in the door. He hid behind me when she came to pick him up! I was afraid she would retaliate but I had to trust the Lord and do what I knew in my heart was right to protect that child. He did end up living with his father which was 100 times better. I will never forget that day .

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? The set of American Idol...I love that show!

Favorite Bible verse right now? So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.Isaiah 41:10

Guilty Pleasure? Dove chocolate covered almonds...yummy!

Got any confessions? Yes, I am addicted to reading blogs and My Adoption website! There, I said it!!!!

If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? I would buy $1000 dollars worth of flowers and palm trees for the backyard.

Favorite thing about your house? Hardwood floors, my soon to be new kitchen and the backyard. My husband put an in-ground pool in 2 summers ago and it's the hang out place for family and friends and I just LOVE everyone at my house!!

Least favorite thing about your house? The carpet on the stairs, it's old and needs to be replaced.

One thing you are bad at? Getting up in the morning, I am a night owl.

One thing you're good at? I think I'm a pretty good mommy and wife.

If you could change something about your circumstances, what? Nothing. I love the life God put me in. This is all I ever wanted.

Who would you like to meet someday? I would LOVE to meet Linzhi's birth parents and thank them for choosing life.

What makes you feel sexy? When my husband says "WOW baby, you look sexy" =)

Who is your real life hero? Other adoptive families... ... Anna, Laine, Barbie, Stefanie, Susan Moore, Pam in Henan, Doug and Carmi, Judith and Keith... and the list goes on and on!

What is the hardest part of your job? Juggling TIME!!!!!

When are you most relaxed? In the evening when the kiddies are in bed (except Trev), I'm finished working out and all I have to do is just hang out with CJ... I love our time at night, even if we're just being couch potatoes!

What stresses you out? When I'm running late.

What can you not live without? Jesus and my husband and kids.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? I didn't read the article.. sorry...

Why do you blog? I like to keep in touch with other adoptive families AND to journal the almost daily life of my family.

Who are you tagging?New/Newer bloggers: I'm still very new at this so I know of only one Jessica @

Bloggy friends: Well, my bloggy friends are few again, I'm new AND they've already been tagged!!! =)

Bloggers you’d like to get to know better: Doug and Carmi @ They are on there way to child number 3 from China! and

Rules:1. Answer the questions 2. Link back to whoever tagged you (I think I know how to do this) 3. Tag eight bloggers to do the same, 2 from each category.New/ newer bloggers (since we want to share the love and send them traffic)Bloggy friendsBloggers you’d like to get to know betterBloggers you don’t think will respond, but you hope will. (I don't know enough of you...LOL)


AnnaB said...

I am so glad you did this! I love knowing more and more about you. Turning a mother into DCFS must have been so hard...but good for you for being an advocate for that child.

Amy, you are awesome! Someday I will get to meet you in person I hope!

The Ferrill's said...

Yay Amy! Thanks for playing! I loved reading your answers and getting a glimpse at your life!
I didn't know Linzhi was going to Shriner's...I will be praying for her and the doctors. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the Shriner's!
I bet you are really going to enjoy that pool this summer! Palm trees and flowers would look beautiful around it!
I love Pam's blog, too!

Michelle said...

So fun learning about other people! Running your own day care with 7 kids. BIG WOW!