Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This child of mine.

I was scrolling through recent pictures and I came across this picture of my Linzhi Rose.  Linzhi is my shadow.  As I do my "stuff" during the day, she is never far from me...We talk and talk and laugh and at times shed tears.  Linzhi is very sensitive, honest, hard working and loves to help.  I always tell her "the Lord blessed you with a servants heart".  I know she will she will do wonderful things in her life.  She LOVES Jesus and praises Him throughout the day.  When I look at her, I see how she is blossoming into a young lady and I often think back to November 19th, 2007 when this little angel baby was placed in my arms.  The room was dark and damp but the minute she entered the room, I forgot where I was.  I still remember the scent of her little black head and how curious she was with CJ and me.  I sometimes wish I could go back for just a minute.  Linzhi Rose has always been the baby for the family which has fit her in so many ways.  She is TEENY TINY for one!!!  I imagine her birth mother to be very petite and beautiful.  Linzhi is stunning!  But you see, my baby girl is going to be a big sister very soon and as happy as I am for Linzhi that she will finally be able to have a little sister, part of me just can't make the transition.  In time....right? :) 

Enjoy these lovely pictures of my baby girl.


Janet and Kevin said...

She is so beautiful! I am sure part of your heart is breaking that she will lose her place as the baby, and part of your heart is soaring to know you will soon be adding another precious treasure!

hugs sweet friend,

Jean said...

What a sweet girl you have so young and already has a heart for the Lord!!