Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little surprises in my inbox

So I sent one final cake and teddy bear to little miss and what a surprise to get these sweet pictures of our girl.  To think the next picture I post of Gracie will be from MY camera!!!  The quality of these are not that good but we'll take 'em.

God bless and please keep our little one in your prayers.  <><


Amy said...

She is so ADORABLE! Those cheeks. Can't wait to see a smile on her face.

Lynda said...

Very sweet!! Take a good soothing cream for those poor raw cheeks : ) Very happy for you all. Will pray for safe and blessed travel as you go to get your newest family member.

TanyaLea said...

I can't wait to see the ones YOU take!! ...won't be long now! :) Can't wait to follow you as you journey back to China to get your precious girl!


Sharon said...

I would love to see her smile! Looking forward to seeing her with her forever family-I hope very soon!

CK said...

Oh yeah for pictures! Can't wait to see her from your camera and in your arms. Gracie is a treasure from above.