Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Gracie

I'm not going to lie, these pictures are very hard for me.  The walls are full of mold and I'm sure lead paint.  Her bed has some kind of stains on it and she has no smile.  I opened my email this morning and my heart skipped a beat when I saw I had new pictures.  My heart sank when I looked at them. In all of this, I see on her bed the little panda bear we sent her a few months back and my sweet little gracie covered her baby with a blanket.  I see a little girl that loves her panda.  I see in her eyes fear and sadness. But I also see that panda must give her joy and I'll hold that in my heart.

Today is day 39 of waiting for our LOA (China has up to 100+ days to issue our approval), We have never waited more than 54 days but that means nothing.  It's up to Jesus.

My heart is heavy, I want my baby home.  She needs her mama and daddy. 

Please pray for her.  Please pray her heart and lungs are not damaged due to the mold and poor quality of air she's breathing. 

I know her Abba Father is with her, I feel it deep in my soul.

Praise be to God!


Sandy said...

Oh, Amy, I will pray more fervently for Gracie...and for your heart....Breaks my heart to see any child have to live like that...they certainly didn't ask for this kind of life....God is TRULY FAITHFUL in taking care of the orphan....If we could see, then it wouldn't be called FAITH in the One who can do anything above and beyond what we could possibly think.
Love ou cuz,

April said...

Amy, I wanted to say that I know that pain knowing your child needs to get home NOW because something isn't right beyond the obvious. Every update we got on our Eliana made me even more anxious to get to her. You could see the pain and fear in her eyes and I see that in your Gracie! When she came on the list I asked right away for her file. I wanted to run to get her, but that wasn't the Lord's plan. I have prayed for Gracie tons and hope that her story is much better than Eliana's in the end. Know that I'm praying for her and for you as you wait.
April - mama so far of 2 blessings from China.

Football and Fried Rice said...

These pictures are sad...I'm sorry!! Ruby also lived in a home with mold - broke my heart to imagine her breathing in that. I love that Gracie is loving that panda bear!! In a few more weeks you will be there to hold her!!