Saturday, October 23, 2010

This and That.

Oh my blog, my poor poor blog...I have been a bad blogger this month, time is just not on my side, we are busy busy!! Here are a few updates on our family.

* Madelyn is doing wonderful! We have a few crying moments but lately I've noticed it's set off by not getting her way (all the time). Madelyn is a little on the stubborn side and holds her ground which I totally get and admire but at times it gets her in a little hot water. I love how she expresses herself, she is very much getting her English down so she is much more chatty with us and LOVES to talk about China and her past life and of course, we gobble every word up. We've been talking about her China mama and China baba a lot! I think she felt she couldn't and now that she knows we encourage her to talk about them and that we welcome it, she brings them up all the time. They are now apart of our family, we pray for them and hope one day when we go on the homeland tour we can visit them. We always pray at dinner as a family and take turns doing it, I have asked Madelyn if she would like to say prayer and she always said no. Well, on October 20th (3 month adoption day), she eagerly asked to say grace...Oh what a joy to hear her praise Jesus and thank him for her family and meal. It truly blessed our hearts. She's our angel and brings so much to our family. Friday we attended our church's fall festival (pics below). Last year at the fall festival, CJ was in China on the mission trip smuggling bibles across the China/Hong Kong border and two days prior we got our denial letter from USCIS. I could barely get through an hour without tears but had to get it together to take my babies to the festival alone, without CJ. As we were there I remember praying/begging the Lord to move mountains so we can get our daughter home and I specifically remember being in church at the festival imagining Madelyn there the next year and this year she was. I got very teary as we were driving to church this year for the festival because as I glanced in the backseat there she was holding her Belle baby doll looking out the window not knowing how her mama and dadda's hearts were full of gratitude for those mountains being moved for her to become on less orphan. I am grateful for the spiritual battle we faced with the enemy to get her in our arms, I learned and hold firm to trusting ONLY in him. HE is bigger than any government, nation, person. He is King!

Now moving on to another blessing, Linzhi Rose. Linzhi's brain and spinal scan came back clear, no signs of any trauma which Dr. S thought she had so the mystery continues. It's kind of exciting because now that we know she doesn't have Arthrogryposis we have more hope that her little hands and wrists can be helped even more. We have an appointment on November 11th with Dr. S's partner Dr. M. Dr.M is a hand specialist and Dr. S. seems to think Linzhi needs her hands rewired and a tendon release and he is very confident Dr. M can get her some help. We are over the moon excited it's been three years that she's been home so it's time to get moving! All the girls are doing very well in home school, gymnastics and dance. Linzhi Rose out of the three stands out as being the most athletic, I see a future gymnast in our future!?!??

Rachel Catherine will be 7 in a few short weeks. Oh I love this child, she is growing up and expressing herself all over the, drawing, decorating and re-decorating her room. I love when she comes into the class room with her leopard print clogs, a scarf, purse and make-up, I love it because I get it! I was/am the same way. We love so much of the same things. This weekend I had a bridal shower so I was going through my closet putting together an outfit/accessories and she was right there the entire time helping me and telling me how she wants to be a "fashion girl" when she grows up. I loved having her help me and today when I left she had to look me over and to my delight she said "mama, you look awesome!" Ahh, that kid of mine!

Trevor is doing great! His school work is excellent and he's been working now for a few months. CJ took him to open a checking account and now he has a debit card. He takes it very seriously and is being very frugal with his money (thank you God). He has also helped me with Madelyn and her math studies. It's nice because all three girls are in three different grades so I work one on one with each of them for math and reading so to have the extra help is awesome, plus it helps them bond even more. Trevor will be 18 on January 12th. I am very emotional about this big birthday. I am so proud of the young man he has turned out to be but I miss that little boy too. Motherhood is HARD! LOL... Sometimes you want to run out the door and sometimes you never want your babies to age. Praise God he's starting at junior college so he'll be home for 2 more years.

Below are some pics...Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday!

Finally a family picture!

Linzhi at the fall festival getting her face painted. (it's a dolphin-kinda)

Rachel the kitty cat.

Madelyn at the fall festival. A prayer answered! And of course, miss Linz too!

my pictures are not in order but this is Rachel becoming a kitty!

My girls love craft day, here's Madelyn painting her "Love" plaque. It went along with our bible study. See my chalk board behind her. It's chalkboard paint and works beautifully!

Lu Belle painting her plaque too.

And Rachel Cate.

Hanging with dadda.

Trevor was asked to homecoming by his friend Katlyn. He's of course said yes!


Mandi said...

Wow, what a great family picture. Your family is So beautiful.

So glad to hear things are getting better with Miss Madelyn. Time is a great gift.

Amanda said...

Oh I LOVE the new family picture! Bummed I missed you guys at the fall festival. I'll tell you more when I see you. I800 in the mail today!! And yes I'm getting nervous. :) It's hard to believe she's finally coming home.

The Ferrill's said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family! Yall look gorgeous and your girls are GROWING UP!
I love this update, Amy!

Corinne said...

I do not know how I missed these pictures from the Fall Festival! So glad to see them - and to read about how far your girlies have come. :) Praying for you and your new addition.