Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally pictures!

Ok, Madelyn has been 9 years for almost a week and I am just getting to post her pictures!!! Sorry for the delay! BTW, she has had a great week! Not one episode of grief. I truly believe her birthday was triggering her grief which breaks my heart. She is gaining more and more English which helps in so many ways AND she's maintaining her Mandarin as well. We're encouraging her to read her Mandarin books and practice her Characters as much as possible and she's more than happy to oblige. All my kiddos are doing great with school and just life. God is good. Today we took our second field trip to the pumpkin patch, I should have those pictures to post closer to Christmas...LOL... Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you all. ~Amy

These pics are not in order and I have to upload the pics from CJ's computer...Anyway, we started the morning with donuts and presents from mama and daddy and her sibs then we headed to Nana's Cakery for her party with friends. They were able to make 2 dozen cookies to take home and we had a little cake party in the back room. Then in the evening we had a family party with lots and lots of gifts. Those pics are on CJ's camera but I was able to get a few. Enjoy!


At the Bakery with friends.

Having cake in the backroom of the bakery with her friends.

Linzhi and cut Madelyn and Yes, my husband accidently cut my face 0ff in the pic... =)

All ready to roll dough!

Madelyn's new friends and her sisters!

A quick snap with mama before heading to the bakery.

Madelyn and Tinerbelle.

In the livingroom opening gifts!

With her Fur-real pet dog she named "little Madelyn"

So excited for her princess house from her GuGu Trevor.



Sophie said...

Such great pictures, what a neat idea to go to a bakery with the girls, looks like lots of fun.

Love the pictures of you and your girls.

Jenna York said...

Nana Wanda is wonderful! I'm glad she did her cookie party. Looks like fun was had all day! Love her smiles! Cute pics!

Teresa =) said...

LOVE the pictures! Looks like a fun birthday party!!

Carson just LOVES your blog and makes me check it with him every day. (So you better start blogging more...)

Teresa =)

Football and Fried Rice said...

a birthday party at a bakery!?!?! SWEET ( literally!)

What a fabulous idea for a party.

I just love madelyn's hair - wavy? Curly? beautiful!!