Friday, October 29, 2010

Our new family member.

Oh how I wish I was announcing another baby but I'm not (yet). It's shaggy and cute and his name is Buster. Oh the things we do for our kids...Right?!?! So here's the deal. My Rachel is no doubt a dog LOVER! We have an overweight teacup yorkie named Tinkerbelle and as much as she is a family dog, she prefers Rachel over anyone (except me...lOL) So when Madelyn came home we discovered she had a dog with her China mama and Baba and she told us his name was bay bay and she missed him very much. (insert heartstrings tugging). CJ and I both looked at each other like we were saying with out words...Oh crap! Everyday she would ask if she could get a baby doggy for her birthday (like a year from now) but there is no way I could have her wait that long. CJ and I both agreed it would have to be another yorkie because they are hypoallergenic and since we had to find our lab Russell a home in July due to allergies we decided it was best to stay with the breed we knew. So I started looking online for a teacup yorkie but the cost was as much as the application fee for an adoption and I would rather pay an application fee over the cost of purchasing a puppy, so we decided to look for a standard yorkie cause they're a lot cheaper! I found a breeder not too far from us so I gave them a call, set an appointment and off we went with our Tinkerbelle to see if she could find a friend. I need to add this. Tinkerbelle is not a barker, she only barks if someone is at the door and then she stops. She is ultra friendly and sweet so finding a dog that wasn't high strung was our highest priority. Oh my we walked in and it was total bark city and I was nervous! I sitting down among all the barking puppies and little did I know there was a little boy dog sitting next to me not making a peep. Yep, I thought, he's the one...! Madelyn however wanted the runt of the liter that was skiddish and stand-offish and I knew in my gut that dog was going to be a nipper and a barker so it was up to me to change her mind...Not an easy task mind you. Needless to say, we got the little boy dog that was friendly and quiet and he is now our Buster. So far he is doing wonderful! Potty training is going good, we have a dog run attached to our school room door so it's e.a.s.y! Rachel Catherine is such a help with potty training! The minute she wakes up, she brings him out and it's been cold in the morning, bless her heart! Tinker is a puppy pad dog which I regret so this puppy is an out door pooper and pee-pee-er. So far so good. He is bigger and shaggy and he's sweet as can be. Welcome to crazy-ville Buster!!!

First night home and no his eyes are not yellow.

Madelyn with our sleeping Tinkerbelle.

Rachel and Lu belle with Buster (and Madelyn peeking around the corner in the school room)


Football and Fried Rice said...

I love your nutty heart :) We got our nutty puppy just 6 weeks after returning home from China (she was born the day we got home!) I spent many days & nights agonizing over our decision, but now (2 years later!) we all adore our Sophie :-)

And I STILL wish Mya's "sister" was NOT a dog! hahaha!!!

Lisa H. said...

Hi, Amy!

It's so great to see sweet Madelyn home with you....What a tenderhearted mommy you are to take on a puppy too!

I couldn't resist commenting on the "wish it were a baby announcement" thing....You know my little girlie that I love in India is still waiting for a family....Just sayin'..... :o)

Email if you want to know more!

Lisa H.

Sophie said...

Congratulations, what an adorable addition to the family!

Laine said...

Aw he is adorable! You were so wise to take your other yorkie with you to pick out the dog! I bet Madelyn is smitten already! Very sweet momma and daddy! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, so cute! I am a sucker for a puppy dog!

janet and gang