Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

WOW! What a surprise for us today!! 24 new pictures of our Madelyn was in my inbox today. PLEASE LORD, IF IT'S YOUR WILL, PLEASE GRANT US A FAST TA!!!

And by the way, the next pictures we post of Madelyn will be from our camera!!!

(our Madelyn is in the middle)


Lori Lee said...

She looks so happy and excited! Prayers to you and your family as the time draws close, and especially for sweet Madelyn as she makes the transition.

Janet and Kevin said...

She is precious! Those eyes!! So glad you received all of those pictures.

Janet and gang

Julie said...

What a wonderful surprise! Madelyn is so beautiful. I know you can't wait to have her home.

Our church is in the midst of Bible school this week. Today's catch phrase was God's Word is surprising! Isn't it great when God surprises us with his wonderful blessings. I hope he surprises you with a superfast TA!

Cynthia said...

She is just beautiful! And how about that cake????

CK said...

I just love her smile! What a wonderful surprise, she looks so happy with her special cake especially when she gets that first bite to her mouth.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh my Amy I know you cannot STAND it! And YES! The next pics will be with your camera! Hooray for article 5! I am sorry to hear about the two losses and pray for their families....

Madelyn is so beautiful...she seems to have a little light shining in her!

Praying for you all! (and I will email you back in a day or so as soon as I can recoop from VBS!)