Sunday, April 25, 2010

Linzhi's and her new "boyfriend"

Trevor has had a life size cardboard cut out of Homer and Bart Simpson in his room for years. Recently, he decided it was time to move them out so he put them in the guest room, why? I have no idea but the girls found them and they play with them all the time. Well, today Linzhi told me "Simpson" was her boyfriend! I did not want to giggle in front of her because she was so serious so when we went in to tidy up her room, we placed Simpson in the corner near her bed. This evening as I was working on Madelyn's website, CJ came in and said you have to see this and grab the camera. As you can see, Linzhi made a bed for Simpson, her cardboard boyfriend. I just love her heart and this isn't the first bed I've found around the house. All her little treasures have beds made of kleenx, cotton balls, wash clothes and hand towels, really anything she can find to make beds for her friends.

Oh my heart, I love this girl!


Amanda said...

Oh my I love love love that little girl. She has such a big heart!! Those pictures are priceless. See you both soon!


Janet and Kevin said...

That is too precious. What a sweetie.

Janet and gang