Tuesday, April 6, 2010


*My title is kinda plain, there's not too much going on around here except daily, regular life and I love it! The kids are on spring break so it's nice to just lounge in the mornings with no where in particular to go, just hang out. I love this time with my kids because it's getting closer to summer and it's getting to the point where I'M getting sick of the school routine and I'M ready for summer, I think more than my kids! =)

*This week, we should get a call from Shriners hospital with Linzhi surgery date. This is good...This is Good...See, I have to keep telling myself that so I don't panic. =) =)

*We are 26 days into LOA. Believe it or not, I'm not thinking about it much, in fact, the other day I said to CJ.. "Do you know what day we're on? Dare I say it...It's kind of fun to wait and see how God is going to schedule it all. I quit guessing what month we could be traveling because God only knows. I asked God for supernatural patience during this waiting period time and I feel His peace all around me. We've been staring at her picture for over a year now so I feel like we're on the down slide now, our time is coming!!!!

*CJ and I are going to have our annual anniversary trip in June instead of September. We know China will not be in June but September could be a possibility so off to Galena we go three months earlier, which is just fine with us. I could see us one day partially living there, we LOVE it so much. It's our place for sure.

*Trevor will be starting a new job in July, I am so excited for him! He'll be working at his uncle's Martial Arts studio, 4 days a week. Trev's been babysitting for about 9 months now and I think it's time for a new adventure. He's a great babysitter but I think he needs to learn some new life skills.

*Rachel and Linzhi are getting ready for their big spring dance recital in May, both the girls are very good at memorizing the dance routine. Rachel's in her 4th quarter of Kindergarten and Linz is wrapping up her 2nd year of pre-school.

*Now that we're in the new house it's time to start thinking of landscaping and outside projects which CJ and I both love!!

* Getting ready to mail Miss Madelyn another care package, I have a cute dress with leggings so far, I need to get a few more things this week and then off it goes!

ENJOY your week!!! God bless!

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Julie said...

I'm so happy for you, Amy. You sound like you have a real peace about you right now concerning Madelyn. Prayers for Linzhi's surgery. Even when you know it's what they need, it's never easy. Walter will be undergoing surgery this summer on his heart. We will find out the date in early June. Until then, we wait.