Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homecoming 2009!

Trevor with all his siblings...Rachel, Morgan, Trev, Bryson an Linzhi Lu (she thinks Bryson is her "boyfriend") My handsome boy with the beautiful Miss Vicki.

Aren't they cute???

My handsome boy, I mean young man. =)

Saturday past was homecoming and since Trevor is home schooled, he couldn't officially go however...He was asked to go as a date! I was thrilled for him because he misses this part of going to school. They had a great time! I am so proud of him and the friends he chooses to hang with because all of them pledge not to drink, smoke, drugs or have pre-marital relations. God has blessed us with a wonderful young man that respects women and treats them as God expects. He will make an awesome husband one day... LOVE you Trevor!


Mandi said...

What a nice looking youg man. I love to see todays young teens pledging to be true to themselves and God. It makes my day.

Thanks for sharing.


TanyaLea said...

He is a handsome young man, indeed. Any mom of a teenage daughter would be PROUD to have him date their daughter one day. You have done a wonderful job in "training him up in the way he should go..." When Breanna was just a baby, I started praying that God would reserve a special young man with these very morals and his eyes set on the Lord, for my beautiful daughter to meet one day. She is now a freshman in high school...so that day is getting closer. So this mother THANKS YOU for raising up such a wonderful young man! And he's very handsome, too!! :)

Blessings & Hugs,

sara said...

Why couldn't you have a little boy ages 3-5 RIGHT now for my Mya????? Lol! I pray daily for my sons to grow up & make good decisions...how amazing to see God has already answered your prayers in Trevor! What a blessing!

Miss Anna B said...

So handsome!! THat is awesome that he got to go to the dance. Eric elected to attend a special charter high school so the extra curricular activities are hard for him as well. The assemblies, the dances...stuff like that. Glad Trevor had the opportunity to go with such a beautiful young lady :)

Julie said...

We have the cutest kids, EVER!!!! I love the pictures of our kids. I think it is so cute Linzhi thinks Bryson is her boyfriend. Trevor is such a good big brother! Love him! Aren't our little ones lucky to have such an awesome big brother?

Chelley said...

Well he is too old for my girls darn!

what is homcoming?