Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ever thought of adopting from India?

Hello friends...

A fellow adoptive mama contacted me to help her advocate for a sweet little girl in India that has arthrogryposis and desperately needs a forever family. I have to say, she is just precious! Below is a little bio about her. If you are interested or know someone that may, please contact Lisa Henderson for more information @ 509-522-5405

This little cutie was born on 7/2005. She is very observant. She likes to play with the other children in the group and is very active and normal for her age. She has arthrogryposis, and she scoots around using her upper arm strength She can sit without support and stand and walk with support. She can hold objects in her hands and is able to eat on her own. She is receiving regular therapy. She waits for a warm, loving family that has the resources to help her with her needs. India generally prefers families with no more than 3 children in the home, however exceptions are often made for waiting children/children with special needs. Also, a family with experience with arthrogryposis would be great!.


Lisa H. said...

Thanks, Amy!

Lisa H.

Tracey S. said...

I submitted this to the AMC Support e-newsletter. Its a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 800 families touched by Arthrogryposis. Hopefully she'll find a family very soon!

living4him5 said...

Thank you TRACY!!!!! Please keep me posted!!

Big hugs,