Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time is flying!

Ok, am I the only one feeling summer is going WAY to fast?? I went to Target the other day and started looking through all the school supplies...YIKES! I LOVE summer and for me, time is ticking way too fast. I'm so behind in my blogging because we've been swimming like fish now that we have a pool heater, it's been great! The girls, Trevor and myself swim almost everyday unless it's raining but if it's in the 70's and the pool is in the 80's...We're in!

Russ, known as BIG BOY is doing fantastic! Potty training is going amazingly well and he's so good through the night, he'll hold it until CJ let's him out at 6AM. I am in love with him and he really knows I'm the mama of the house as he nuzzles up to me for comfort and love all the time. CJ too is in love and I think at this point he'll admit it too. Now, Tinker our little yorkie still has a hate/dislike relationship with him however, Russ likes Tinker...It's cute to watch them bond...Well, sort of. =)

Rachel and Linzhi continue to love horseback riding and count the sleeps until we go back to the stables. The Chinese class unfortunately didn't work out for us...I'm rather disappointed. It was very disorganized and WAY above our heads. I think we're going to reconnect when Madelyn comes home, I think it will be good for her but my little girls sat there LOST in translation. Again, disappointed but I'll keep trying to find a place for us.

Trevor is still on the job hunt, no luck at Sub-way and we're finding with the way the economy is it's going to be especially hard for him to find work with all the other people with out work. It's really sad to see and heartbreaking to know how bad things really are. I am so grateful to have a God that reigns and has the US in his hands, I believe we are still a Christian nation and we will rise again and be better than before...Unfortunately, I do not believe it will be within the next four years...Oh my, I didn't mean to get political on ya, but the state of IL. is tanking and I see hardship all the time. to another subject...

We sent Miss Maddie another cake and asked for digital pictures...I just LOVE getting pictures fo her, I feel like with her being almost 8 yrs. We need to send her a little something every 6 weeks so she knows we haven't forgotten her and that we are still coming to get her. I have been very discouraged with the home study process, It's been taking way too long, I am told THIS is the week the adoption agency will finally approve it and then we can move to sending it down to Springfield for their approval, then I can finally send in the I-800. I thought for sure, I would already be past the I-800 point but I guess not. I wanted her home this year but with my calculations, it looks like it's going to be the early part of 2010 that we travel...Again, my calculations...God might have something else up his sleeve...???? He has amazed us through this entire adoption so I will not doubt and lose faith, we'll travel when He decides.

This summer, we also took on some medium sized projects around the house. Last summer was the kitchen, this summer we've replaced almost all the carpet upstairs and just finished gutting the main bathroom upstairs...Gone is the 1970's wall paper and orange sink...We are now looking at a beautiful new floor, sink, faucet, wall color and accessories...I'll post a picture soon. We have also completed our landscape and to come...

Blueberry season is upon us and I am trying to set up a time to go pick with my mom and sisters and this year we'll have an addition...My sister Emily's finance Mike wants to come with us too so it should be a good time. We love Mike! He's a sweet guy that loves my baby sister...I hear wedding bell's soon. Mike just graduated with a degree in architecture and Emily will graduate next May with a degree in architecture as well. So we're looking at a bright future for them...God willing.

Well, I pray I will soon be updating on more exciting adoption news. We really want her home, I feel like I've already connected with her, the updates really help and it's something I wish we had with Linzhi. I know so much more know then I did the first time. I will again work with Joe and Jen at My Adoption Website while we're in China. They do such a fantastic job and what a treasure to give the girls when they're older. I also love having this blog for that reason as well because I am not good at scrap booking or baby book updates so this is just a blessing to have documented.

Hopefully next week I'll post new pics of our Madelyn. Oh, our fundraiser is going AWESOME! Check it out if you haven't already...You may just win! We've raised over $1,500 dollars!!

Hope you're all having a blessed summer!


TanyaLea said...

Wow, I'm feel'in ya on so many levels with this post. Summer is FLYING by WAY too fast for me, and with all of our adoption business going on, I have been too busy to even enjoy our pool here at home. We bought a heater last summer, and I was in it ever chance I got...but even with the heater this year, I've only managed to jump in for a quick swim once! The 4th is usually the mark that summer is almost half over, but for me, it hasn't yet seeing all those school supply isles already being stocked in Target...YUCK!...NOT YET!!!

And for the 'timing' of bringing our daughter home yet this year...I'm right along with ya there, too! But, like you, we KNOW that God is able to move if it is His will to grant us the desire of our heart and have her home with us before Christmas, than I know it will happen, one way or another!! HE IS ABLE!! We just need to keep proclaiming that out loud! Our journey has been anything but typical, too...and I know it has been because of His hand in all of it...the path He has lit! It's wonderful that you are able to send your daughter care packages though! A fun way to let her know you are thinking of her until she can come 'home'!!
Blessings and Hugs,

Heather said...

I'm with ya - summer is going way too fast. In fact, Zoe just informed me that she has 47 days until she starts kindergarten. (Which means I have 46 days until school starts back up for me. Gotta love that Teacher Institute Day!)

Can't wait to follow your journey in bringing Miss Maddie home. How special that will be! You can guarantee one thing - I'm along for the ride!

Marie said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Your family is beautiful. I will pray that it soon works out with your adoption.

The Ferrill's said...

Hey friend!
I feel the same way...summer is FLYING!
Your puppy is adorable by the way!
Amy...I'm praying for you everyday as I pray for BOTH our processes to flow smoothly in God's perfect timing! ;)

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments.
My parents (and sister)live in Nauvoo, Il. I was raised in Illinois so I am familiar with most of Illinois. Which part are you from?
I enjoyed reading about the girls and swimming and horeback riding. Wishing your son luck with thte job search.
We all adore Mya. She is so sweet and out-going. She fits right in!