Friday, July 17, 2009

Just what we needed!

God is so awesome! CJ and I needed this today as we had to go back and forth with more paper work dilemmas. HOWEVER, once we saw her precious face enjoying the cake her family sent her to enjoy with her friends...POOF...All the stress and worry was gone and I mean it...Gone! We are just overjoyed to see her eating on her own and cutting the cake by herself, it gives us so much hope for Linzhi and her mobility...Again, another blessing.

I can't believe how much older she already looks...but based on measurements she's only 1/2 inch taller than Rachel! They are 2 years apart in age so she's really just a little pip squeak.

On a side note, CJ is traveling to Hong Kong and Guangzhou in October on a mission trip through the Bible League. We talked to Karla at Lifeline and she reached out to the facilitator in China to see CJ will be able to have a day with Madelyn while he's there. I am praying like crazy for this to happen!! Our hope is that if she gets to meet her daddy then maybe it will take away any anxiety she may be feeling about getting adopted plus so many other wonderful things can happen through that meeting... God has moved so many mountains for this adoption and I know if it's His will, CJ may be meeting our sweetie in less than 3 months!! I will keep you posted!

Have a wonderful weekend...

Enjoy another dose of Miss Maddie!


Jenna York said...

Praise God for the timing! How precious she is! Praying for you guys.

TanyaLea said...

What a priceless gift to have these photos...I bet you are like me and you stalk your email when you know they are coming!! I completely understand, as photos are SO coveted until we can hold our daughters in our arms! These photos are so cute and she is just BEAUTIFUL! the pigtails! :)

Have a nice weekend and God bless!

Chelley said...

oh when it is REALLY needed it comes!!!


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Amy! I just want to squeeze her she is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Those rosy cheeks and bright eyes...she reminds me SO much of Linzhi! A perfect big sis!
Godspeed that paperwork, please Jesus! ;)

Julie said...

Those pictures are great! She is so cute! Thanks for your prayers!!!