Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discouraged...But HOPEFUL!

Hey All,

I don't like to blog any negative posts but I am very disappointed and I thought I would share since I know MANY of you have been in my shoes...

Our Home study is currently sitting on a supervisors desk just waiting to get approved which we were told was going to happen last week. As of last night, I was told the supervisor has been in meetings and training and our sweet case worker doesn't have any more info to share....So, we wait now even more. I am really trying to stay positive, I've been sending it all up to Jesus and I know HE is in control of this but today and hopefully just today, I'm feeling discouraged to the point of tears. Madelyn knows we're coming so I'm worried she's feeling all kinds of emotions...stress knowing a BIG change is coming, happiness, fear, excitement, etc... I'm concerned for her well being, not physical but emotional. Again, we're all praying for her and the transition that's coming her way. *sigh*

CJ and I have walked this path with Linzhi and we had many hiccups along the way so I get it and I understand all the red tape, approvals, revisions,etc... I know it will all be forgotten once she's in our arms but today this mama is feeling blah about it all so I'm going to move on to some other topics that are exciting!!!

Fundraiser/Raffle update... God is blessing our efforts to raise money for Madelyn's orphanage. We are now at $2, 210!!! We are just so amazed at the generosity of people we know, strangers, blog buddies, business associates, etc... We are so humbled and grateful. THANK YOU!

Linzhi Rose surprised her mama the other day by making her entire bed! She worked so hard on it that her little forehead was sweaty. I love her will and her determination, she will do wonderful things in her life, I just know it!

Rachel has mastered spelling her first name (has for a while) and now her last name...Z's are really hard she says...Her penmanship is very nice. Kindergarten is right around the corner (sniff, sniff) but we are confident she's ready!

CJ and I have joined a committee at Rachel's new school to help raise money to purchase a new school that has been vacated. Rachel's new school is a small Christian school that is split between two churches. We are praying like crazy for God to bless this precious school with a new building, then all the kids can be together. We are thrilled God brought us to this school for our girls. I prayed about homeschooling but I feel it my heart it is not what he's telling me to do at this time so we prayed for a wonderful school and boy, did he deliver! I will keep you posted on our prayer efforts and the school.

Trevor is still trying to find a PT job...No luck. He's been a bit discouraged but I keep reminding him of all the people that have lost their jobs. He understands but I know he wants some pocket $$ for his car and clothes. He told me he's been praying about it...AHHHH, music to my ears... I love that he's a praying young man...what a comfort to know my teenage son is saved. =)

CJ and I have gone down our list of finances, we're in good shape but we want to stay that way so we're cutting where we feel it's wasteful. So, yesterday we went to the local Chevrolet dealership and traded in my lovely Tahoe for a new Traverse, it's a crossover between a mini van and a SUV. I do love the features...Like the curtain airbags, split seats, navigation, etc... But what I really love (besides the safety) is the savings of $200 dollars per month! That's a savings we couldn't pass up. I love my Tahoe but filling it up at the pump nowadays is running us $80-95 dollars each time...That hurts!

Today or tomorrow our sweet Madelyn will be getting a delivery from her loving family. CJ and I decided to send her a little something every 6-8 weeks. We feel since she's almost 8 and is aware of us, it's a good idea to let her know we're still coming for her especially now that the paperwork has come to a temporary halt. So Miss Maddie is getting another cake but this time, it's chocolate!! We also paid extra for digital pictures like last time...So hopefully, we'll get some updated pics next week!

Well, that's about it on my end, it's going to be a lazy day here. Linzhi's not feeling well and it's rainy, it's actually been fall like all week in this neck of the woods so I've been cooking fallish foods...This morning I put a roast in the crock pot and will add some potato's, carrots and onions later on ...It's smells so yummy!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


TanyaLea said...

I think your feelings are a bit justified and warrant a little 'venting'!! It is so frustrating the things that are out of our control. We will be lifting you up in prayer.

In the meantime, keep sending your love to her in those wonderful gifts...I'm sure they make her feel so special!! <><


Chelley said...

I do think that you need to vent!!! And you know that life isnt always GOOD and all have those ups and downs!

Its what makes life so speical!

Wanting to SEND you big hugz!!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Amy, I know you are discouraged, but can I just tell you how much I loved this post? I felt like I was sitting right there at your kitchen table and we were catching up on life...all that was missing was a cup of coffee and, well...YOU! I am sharing some of these feelings but this morning the Lord gave me the sweetest Word...I think He wants me to share it with you so I'm going to email you.
I can picture Linzhi making up her bed with that determination! LOVE HER!
I pray the school situation and building works out very smoothly and I praise God He brought you to a place for your children to learn in a Christ-centered environment!
I LOVE YOU FRIEND! I'm sending you lots of big squeezes and prayers and chocolate! ;)