Monday, May 4, 2009


I've been MIA for about a week...WOW! It's been so busy around here...We're finishing our landscaping, gutting two bathrooms, dance class, playing outside and oh yes...ADOPTION paperwork!!! Whew! I'm glad to be back and I so thrilled to dedicate this post to my lovely Rachel. I, adore this child....

Tonight, was picture day at her dance studio. We are getting ready for the big final recital and she is a ball of emotions... Nervous, excited, sad (that dance will be ending for the summer) and jumpy! She's been jumping around the house as if she's full of sugar and caffeine!! I know her so well and could sense by the time we left for dance, it was getting the best of her so, I brought her up to her room to get her dressed and started asking her what she was feeling... Oh my goodness, the flood gates opened as she told me how she felt about dancing in front of people at the recital and she was so nervous her bun wouldn't stay tight, etc... I absolutely LOVED our talk this evening, I just sat and listened as she poured out her heart, I was so excited to tell her how wonderful I think she is and that it's ok to feel all those feelings and that mama (and daddy) are always here to talk. She seemed to feel better and held my hand most of the night at the studio, I want to bottle this time with her, I just soaked up everything second of it! It was our time together, just mama and Rachel and what a blessing it was... My little girl is growing up... *sigh* I think I'll go get one of our new landscape brinks to put on her head to see if I can buy more time with her at age 5. Excuse me, 5 1/2 (She always corrects me).

Trying to do the splits!

With her good buddy Lauren...Always holding hands!

Outside our house before dance class.

With Lauren.

My baby.

Taking time out to peruse the clearance rack. (We walked out without buying a thing...progress!)


Mandi said...

We too are winding down dance for the year. Last night Emma had to go to class in full costume, hair, and makeup. This is such a busy time for us as well. Emma loves dance and is always sad when the year is over. Luckily our studio offers 6 weeks of classes through the summer.


Lori Lee said...

So, so sweet!

Chelley said...

Love how cute she looks in the photos!!!

And boy sounds like a whirl wind of things you are keepin up wiyh

Eight Isn't Enough said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...Love all the photos. Oh those days when my girls were that small...your photos brought back so many memories. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

sara said...

Ok, how adorable are the dance costumes? This is a must! I love them! And the shoes :)