Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My little entrepreneurs

My mother/father -in -law put together a huge neighborhood garage sale last week so the girls and I thought up the idea of having a lemonade stand. They're at an age that sitting all day at the garage sale might be too much for them so the lemonade stand was the perfect remedy!! I bought cans of Country Time lemonade, put it on ice, made a sigh (I am so NOT creative), and dug up a little "cash register", the girls were so excited!!! The day couldn't have been better, the weather was great and we had a ton of business. It was so cute to watch as Linzhi was drumming up business by saying "Want some lemonade?" Rachel on the other had was a bit bashful but warmed up and started saying "hello" then Linzhi would finish it off, it really was precious to see them working together! They made a total of $26.25!!! School is over this week so our plan is to celebrate the last day of school with a trip to the dollar store to buy some goodies. It makes me feel like my babies are growing up a bit.

I am looking forward to summer, I'm praying for good times and movement in our journey to Madelyn. I'm a bit discouraged with some possible delays that could hold up getting our I-800 filed. The state of IL is changing some home study requirements June 1st and our adoption agency is a bit back logged in reviewing home studies so I'm praying we can still make it in before the cut off but it's not looking like we will...However, I know God can move paperwork much faster than anyone can so I must relax and let him do His job... So we will see!!!

Please enjoy the pics from our day of work!

Linzhi taking a much needed break!
Grandpa and Auntie Tina.

Gram and Linzhi.

Waiting for customers...

Linzhi tasting the ice. =)
Rachel counting the money after a sale.
Linzhi in grandma's sun hat.
And Rachel in grandma's sun hat.
Winding down...


Chelley said...

How cute!! How much did they sell?

I hope you are able to amke the deadline!!!

fingers crossed

Jenna York said...

Perfect for those busy girls! Love the pictures with the hat! Praying for a quick home study!