Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're back...

I took a little break from blogging after we returned from Disney because I had to adjust to some changes that are going on around here. I quit my job as a PT healthcare recruiter. I absolutely loved my job and the company that I worked for but I noticed (and my husband) that I was loosing the Joy from my life because as hard as I tried I was always chasing my tail!!! I did struggle over the decision to leave my job for one reason and that is the terrible economy! I thought, how can I give up a job that pays me well, I work from home and I only work 20 hours per week and to top it off give up the security of a second income!?!??! My husband totally supported the idea of me leaving my job. He feels the Lord is blessing his business and we are at a point where we would be just fine on his income. After some time of prayer, it was clear God was telling me it was OK to leave and to trust in HIM, so I did. I know to trust Him but I do at times get doubtful when I fear the worst but honestly, after I made the decision I have felt nothing but peace. I love the role of a SAHM, it's wonderful to be able to slow down and be with my babies, cook a nice meal or just cuddle with my little ones when they crawl into bed with me after daddy goes to work. I have some plans this summer that I'm looking forward to that I was unable to do when I worked. I'm going to put in a BIG garden!!! I can't wait! So yes, I'm starting a new chapter and I'm lovin it!

Disney was wonderful! We were so blessed to have weather in the high 60's to low 80's the entire time we were there. The girls and Trevor (CJ and me too) had a fantasic time as we park hopped between Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and MGM. We were also thrilled to have Grandma (CJ's mom) and Grandpa Sills join us for two days!! They planned it last minute and it just made our vacation even better. They ended up staying a few days after we left and enjoyed some of the sites around Orlando.

Our sleeping arrangements were interesting... We were told our room slept 5 which is the number we have in our family so when we got to the room we noticed there were only two double beds...hmmm, where is the fifth person going to sleep? So a quick call to the front desk was in order and we were told to look under one of the beds. Low and behold, there's a little "tiny" cot under the bed. Trevor said he would sleep on the cot but after looking at it and knowing he stands about 6 "1 there was NO way that kids would fit so CJ and I decided, the first little girl to fall asleep would indeed be the winner of the cot...LOL... Linzhi was the first to fall asleep every night! So, Rachel slept with CJ and Trevor and I slept together, it was tight but after walking the parks all day we crashed at night with no problems (ear plugs are amazing!)

Enjoy the pics, I will post more. Our camera's battery ran out on our last day and I forgot to bring the charger...Luckily, my MIL took most of the pictures last day so I will post more when I get them. So happy to be back to my blog!!

My boy.

The girls with Mulan. Mulan spent several minutes with Linzhi, it was so precious! She talked to her and asked her where she was from, told her how pretty she was and what beautiful eyes she had. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw Linzhi light up. =)

Kisses from Mulan.

Linzhi got kisses from Mulan too!

Rachel waiting for the parade (I love the parades!)

More with Mulan

And Daisy Duck...

Mama and Rachel, we were having dinner at Epcot (Mexico) for my birthday.

Linzhi enjoying chips (no salsa)

Mom and Trevor

I love my guy!

Lunch with the princess's (on my b-day) The girls were awe struck.

Linzhi anxiously awaiting the arrival of Princess Aurora.

Mommy got a delicious cup cake while having lunch in the castle.

SHE"S SO BEAUTIFUL (said Rachel) Again, awe struck!


Going up to the Castle ( I was excited too)

My guy.

Tucked in and Cozy...

I love this picture! I took it as we were watching a show at the Castle in Magic Kingdom.


Rachel waving to Mickey during the parade.

I love this picture of my handsome boy.

Masks from the Marde Gra parade at our resort.

Rachel with her mask.

At dinner the night we arrived.

Bugs life at Animal Kingdom.

Just getting to our resort as the parade was beginning!


Nicole said...

Love your blog! Glad you have peace over leaving your job! And your trip looked like such fun!!!

Jessica said...

Welcome Back! Missed ya:)

I to, am glad you are at peace leaving your job. Ya know, Jared and I also live off of one income provided by our business. Scary at times to have all our eggs in one basket but we count our blessing that we have been able to do it. The time with your kiddos will be worth the sacrafice for sure :)

Looks like your trip was a blast! We are heading to disney this summer, the kids can hardly wait. You'll have to give me some tips on what to see and do. And Trevor looks so much like you, I really noticed it in these pics. The girls look adorable as always!

Talk soon!

Lori Lee said...

What great photos!! I admire your courage and am so happy for you, regarding your job!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Loved the Disney pictures! My girls seen the same Mulan while there and they loved her. Isn't Disney the greatest but I have to admit when we got home last summer I needed a vacation from the vacation chasing our 7 kids around. lol......

Miss Anna B said...

Amy!! So glad you are back!! I am so slow over here in bloggyland. I had checked a couple of times after I thought you were back but now, I know why you were delayed.

Sometimes decisions like leaving a job are so hard. What a true blessing that you have peace! I just know that you guys are going to have some many family blessings because of it.

The trip looks like a total blast. The girls and the princesses....your beautiful self..your handsome son...your loving husband...all in one magical place. How absolutely wonderful!!!!

Lots of love,

Katy said...

How fun! I must say...I am so proud of you for your decision to let go of the part time job you loved. I know it was difficult but I truly believe it was wise of you. When you feel like you are "chasing your tail" then it is totally time to step back! This leaves you more time for your husband and kiddos (and maybe some extra time for you!). I think that is wonderful and I pray God will hold your family while only having one income. We only live on one income and we are so blessed to know that we are taken care of by our Creator!!! :o)

Wife of the Pres. said...

Came over from NHBO. Thank you for your amazing story and for sharing! I always am blessed by the new stories that are posted and yours especially blessed me today! My little girl has different SNs than yours, but I can tell they are both equally SPECIAL!!! Thanks again! Leslie
roomforatleastonemore (dot) blogspot (dot) com

P.S. Looks like you had a great time at Disney. We can't wait to take our little girl there someday!

Jenna York said...

You guys will be fine on one income. The Lord provides for His own. It's interesting to see how things work out when it looks like it can't work.
I LOVE the Mardi Gras mask pictures! I love the picture of the 2 girls watching the parade at the hotel! Rachel is a good big sister.

Chelley said...

Oh yay!!!

what a great time!! LOVE the pics!!

Disney looks like soa HAAPPY place!!!