Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DisneyWorld or bust!

Bye-bye my blogging friends...We're off to Disney!


Chelley said...

oh have fun!!!!

well not to much unless I can carry your bags!

Toni said...

I`m so glad I found your sweet blog!I was over at Katy`s of the country blossom and she had posterd about the wonderful gift she won from you!!It was absolutly beautiful.So,I came over to say hello!
Hope you and your family are having a wonderful time in Disney!!
Take care and it was very nice "meeing" you!
Love and blessings,Toni

Katy said...

Hope you guys had a GREAT time!!!

Chelley said...

Are you home yet?


Jessica said...

Hey Amy!

How was your trip? Did you go to the Disney in Fl.? We are planning a trip for this summer....maybe you can give me some tips.


Jessica said...

Hey Amy...

I accidentally deleted all my messages and lost your email address. When you get a chance could you shoot me an email?