Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It happened.

This is my 100th post. I was saving it for my giveaway but felt compelled to write about an event that happened today. So my giveaway will be for my 101th post. =)
Our girls go to a small, private pre-school (3 half days per week) that is run lovingly by a sweet christian Ms. Michelle and her Godly husband Mr. Ken. They both fuss over our girls which gives us such peace of mind.

Today, they were not there but we enjoy the other teachers as well however, I don't feel as comfortable with them when it comes to the accommodations Linzhi requires at times but for 2.5 hours once in awhile, I can handle it.

Today, I pick up my girls and find my Linzhi running to the door in tears because two boys were laughing at her. Now, I get it. I've been a mother for 16 years I know boys can be well, boys. However, I saw complete pain in my daughters eyes and tears of humiliation. I also find out they were throwing balls at her!!!! Now, because the school is on a somewhat busy road I always put Linzhi in the car first and go back to get Rachel. I put Linzhi in the car and reassure her I would talk to the teachers. As I go to get Rachel, I see complete RAGE in her eyes as she very loudly tells me the names of the boys and that she was going to "Punch their faces". We don't allow our kids to speak like that but to be honest, she said what I was feeling! I would never hurt another child but the pain and anger I felt I could have easily put them in a LONG time out! So as I collect my enraged daughter I ask the sub teacher what had happened?!?!?! She stated she didn't see or hear anything. OK, I know it was pick up time and all the kids were a bit out of control but we're talking 7 kids. I just walked away knowing I would be able to speak to Ms. Michelle about this tomorrow. I will make a fuss over this for a few reasons. (1)I would want to know if my child was mean or bullying another child AND (2)if a child is acting mean spirited, it needs to be corrected or the child will grow up to be a mean spirited adult. Sorry to be harsh but that's how I feel.

So to the car we go. I lifted Rachel into the car and she immediately walked over to her crying sister, wrapped her arms around her, kissed her face and repeated "I'm going to punch their faces" at this point I told Rachel how sweet and precious she was to be so protective of her sister but punches are not going to be thrown and that if she did punch those boys they could have punched her back. When I told her this, she thought about it for a minute then said "well, I would dunk" LOL... At this point a call to daddy was in order. CJ took turns talking to his girls and all the heavy emotions seemed to subside a bit, mine too. So it happened. Linzhi was teased and picked on. I could just cry for her and I want to make it all go away and protect her from future pain. However, I can't which really sucks, I mean stinks. (Can you tell I'm upset??) Getting it out does help and I know there are lots of kiddos that are being hurt or bullied so it makes my heart bleed even more. So in closing, I am grateful Jesus walks with my babies and protects them always. I am grateful Linzhi has a family that will love and protect her when she needs us most, I am so grateful for my little fire cracker Rachel Catherine that would risk getting hurt for her baby sis and lastly, I am grateful for my husband that has an uncanny ability to calm the nerves of all his dramatic girls. =)

Thanks for letting me vent. God bless and the next post will be post-Mexico and the GIVEAWAY!


Chelley said...

First I SO love the photo doesnt it so warm your heart....

I am sorry that kids are SO MEAN!!! VENT away girlfriend!!!


Lori said...

I cried for Lindzi today. I'm absolutely dreading the day it happens to Sara.

The Ferrill's said...

Mexico? Where have I BEEN? What fun! I've missed you! I'm so glad I stopped by today, so I can say a prayer for sweet Linzhi...and her momma! I know I will experience this with Kimmie...it breaks my heart. It's called living in a fallen world, but yes, we cling to our Risen Savior! Our hope is in HIM! We already gets lots of questions from kids and adults about Kimmie's arms...right in front of her. So far she seems to let it roll off her back...but I know she hears. She is the type that internalizes things...I strive to get her to tell me how she's feeling with words so many times!
Anyway, thank you for sharing your momma bear heart...I share your pain, friend! Love you and have fun in the sun!

Heather said...

Kids can be awful. As a teacher I do not tolerate any type of bullying in my classroom nor in my presence at school. It is so hard to make kids realize that even the "all in fun" comments are unacceptable.

Hate this happened to your sweet baby. So nice of big sister to come to her rescue.

Miss Anna B said...

Rachel, I'm with you....I'm gonna punch their faces!!!

OOOOOOO, hate it, hate it, hate it when kids are mean. Mean people stink :-)

Jenna York said...

I am so sad to hear this. Lydia was bullied all last school year. It hurts and is so frustrating. At least she has Rachel to be your eyes and ears.
Linzhi is so precious. I will pray for her and those boys. Also for Rachel to find a better way to deal with these types of issues.
Love you guys.

Christine said...

Kids can be cruel--- no fun! Congrats on your 100th post!