Saturday, January 24, 2009

You know you have a 5 year old when....

Here's the scene... CJ and I took the girls to lunch, Wal-M@rt and a movie today. We made it through lunch with an hour to spare so we ran over to the store to shop for a computer. Well, time got away from us and we had to rush to get to the movie on time. As Rachel and I were in the check out (CJ took Linz to the truck with the computer, Rach and I were in line for movie candy.) Anyway, as we were in line Rachel whispers in my ear "I have to poopy-BAD", we quickly check out, run to the bathroom and relief comes Rachel's way. I figure I better go too (I do have a point to the story). As I am finishing up Rachel asks me in a sincere voice "Mommy will I have a booty like you when I'm old"? I said well, mommy doesn't have a big booty, right!? She shook her head no-whew- Then she asks "Will I have to wear panties up to my bra too?" Now, I start laughing to the point where I have to use the facilities again! To be very honest, I wear SPANX and I LOVE THEM!!! It smooths everything out so that's what she was referring about the panties. I had to share this story because I know there's a few mommies that read blog and can relate to NEVER having privacy even when we're pulling up our big panties! And I wouldn't trade it for the world!


Michelle said...

How fun to find your blog! We have a little one from China too, and my 7 yr. old is saving her money for a Yorkie. Santa brought us a puppy this year that has some Yorkie in her, and a mix of a few others. How are they with kids?

Take care,

Lori Lee said...

So funny!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh that is SO FUNNY!!!!!!!! And yes, I can totally relate to the public bathroom phrases that come out too loudly sometimes; like "Your boobies are bigger than Aunt Lyn's" or the I don't care who is in here I'm grunting while I poop as loud as I can!

Jessica said...

Privacy...what's privacy!?! Too Funny! Nadia asked me the other day if I was going to have another baby because my belly looks like it...Ouch! I think I need to get some of those big panties your talking about :)

Hope your doing well!