Friday, December 5, 2008

This and that...

First of all, happy Friday!

Secondly, I am approaching my 100th post! I am planning a giveaway so please stay tuned for more details. Also, I have taken my blog off private mode. I find it too hard to share with friends & family as I get the call or email "I forgot the name of your blog"...etc... Plus, I want to be able to share our adoption/family story with people that many be considering adopting a special needs child.

Lastly, Please pray for Troy and his children Bek and Syd. It's an emotional story about a young mother and wife that had cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma 2 months ago. I don't know him but I've been commenting on his blog and praying for his family. Yesterday, his sweet wife Hyatt passed away. Please go here to read their story.

Honestly, following this journey has changed my marriage and the way I look at life.

God bless.

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Miss Anna B said...


I have been following Troy and Hyatt's story as well. I have really felt his admonishments to go love and hug and kiss your spouse and children. We just don't know when our journey is through.

Have a beautiful Sunday!