Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Rockette's!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had such a great day as we had the entire family at our home. CJ and I feel so blessed that both sides of our families have just adopted each other as extended family so we can all celebrate together. This year was extra special for me as I had both my parents and their spouses attend. I haven't had my parents under the same roof for a holiday in many, many years. I watched them talk about old times and share laughs, I know only God could do this with healing and forgiveness. So it was a special day for sure.

Tuesday before the holiday, CJ and I took Rachel to see the Rockette's. It was her birthday present from mommy and daddy. Our little girl has a passion for dance so she was counting down the "sleeps" until the day. She was in awe as she watched all the performances and for CJ and me our entertainment was watching her!

She looked beautiful in her Christmas dress (as always). We also gave her a balarina necklace at the theater during intermission. Our little girl is growing up and it's a blessing to watch. Enjoy the pictures!!


Jessica said...

She looks beautiful!


I just bought Jared a sweater like CJ's for Christmas :)

Anna 'B'anana said...

Little Rachel looks just divine! What a wonderful treat with her mom and dad :-)

So happy that your Thanksgiving was a happy one! There is so much to be thankful for, right?