Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel Catherine

Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl. Five years ago our Lord placed this beautiful little girl in our arms making CJ a daddy for the first time and blessing Amy with another child. Getting Rachel here was no easy task as mommy and daddy had to wait week by week to see if our little one was still there...Oh how we loved to hear that strong little heart beat and the joy we felt when the doctor would say..."You made it another week". I knew in my heart and soul I would see the face of this child as I prayed everyday for her to make it. God was so faithful and brought you all the way to full-term. I don't think CJ and I felt as much joy and relief as the day you were born at 4:58AM on November the 15th.

Rachel, you are the child that challenges me the most and makes me laugh the hardest. I see so much of me in you as you like all the sparkles and girlie things but I also see so much of your daddy in you too...happy to wake up and mechanically inclined, you amaze me how good you are at playing your Disney computer games. I love your sentimental heart for animals and for your sister. I love how loyal you are already to your friends and how you pick up on all the little details in life like flowers, leaves, lady bugs. God has such a unique plan for you little one and Daddy and I feel so overly blessed to be granted the opportunity to love you and take care of you. Our lives are much happier and blessed because we have you as our daughter.

Mommy and Dada


Barbie said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!!

Anna 'B'anana said...

I am late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rachel! You are your mama's joy. Hope you had a sweet day filled with lots of love and attention.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!


What a sweet post! You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself through your writings! She will love to read this over and over again someday.


Chelley said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry its a little belated!!!