Friday, November 14, 2008

It's been too long!

Ok, I think I've been MIA for too long! I've been popping in on my favorite blogs but for some reason I had writers block or something....? Anyway, we are getting ready for two big events in our house. 1. Rachel turns 5 on Saturday the 15th 2. Linzhi's one year "gotcha day" is on Wednesday the 19th. I am preparing special posts for both. I'll be posting Rachel's this evening.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

God bless,

PS... Thanks Jess for checking in on me! Hugs and love!


Anna 'B'anana said...

So looking forward to the posts. Bloggy funks are rough. Glad to see you again. I've missed you.

Lots of love,

Jessica said...

Oh Amy...I think anna said it best...bloggy funk...I am going through the same myself. I had planned on a great post for Jude's Gotcha day anniv. and then all the kids got sick and I got behind on everything and now I just know what to post :) I think I'll get it back...hopefully :)

I'm so glad your back, can't wait to see the posts. Have a wonderful weekend!


Chelley said...

Great to see that all is well!!

Its intresting when you get in to that funk with blogging... But I find it doesnt matter how few or far between you blog....

yes we will wonder if you are ok? And hasle you for a update! ++grin++
But remember the reasons for blogging and never feel you have to post for the sake of posting!!!


Jenna York said...

I was wondering where you were. I thought maybe everyone was sick again (it's that season you know). Glad you guys aren't. How was your weekend with CJ?
The "bloggy funks"...yeah... well, I'm always in one!!!