Sunday, June 8, 2008


This is an older picture of Linzhi but boy does this show exactly how she was today! I think I said "Linzhi Rose" at least 30 times....Miss Linzhi is starting to act like a typical 3 year old. As I always thank the Lord for giving my little angel her wings to fly out of the dark days she has had as she's learning to just be a kid...TODAY WAS GROUNDBREAKING...We have a little stinker on our hands!!

We did have a very busy and HOT day between going to church, driving 45 minutes to see aunt Sage in her dance recital (in a very hot and sticky high school gym), eating a very late lunch, pee-peeing through her diaper because mama forgot to change it, touching grandpa's corvette when told not to, getting her leg out of car seat in order to stick it in Rachel's face, kicking the back of Trevor's car seat all the way home...after being told 100 times "NO MORE KICKING, LINZHI ROSE" and to top it off she tried to flush tinkerbelle's leash down the toliet...All with a smile on her face! Now, I know this is typical but Lord have mercy, not my sweet little Linzhi!!! LOL... Rachel had this very confused look on her face as she's so used to being the child in time out...LOL... My sweet Rachel has been an absolute angel lately. I think she's starting to mature into an almost 5 year old a bit... ;-)

Anyway, Linzhi is now fast a sleep and this mama is so thankful for my little Chinese dragon...LOL I called her that today in fun...BECAUSE SHE WAS!!! ;-)



The Ferrill's said...

Linzhi, have you been taking lessons from Kimmie and Quan?
;) Gotta love those three year olds!
And I totally relate to the car seat kicking...Kimmie is constantly draping her arms and legs over her car seat to touch and aggravate her sisters!

AnnaB said...

Oh my goodness this makes me giggle. We are so there as well. It's so strange to feel grateful when they bloom into our "dragons"!! Linzhi, you go girl!!! Hang in there mama :-)

Chelley said...

Linzhi that smile is wonderful to see!!

Big big hugz to Mom!! Thinking of you!