Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amy's going private...

I've been thinking about setting my blog to private for obvious reasons but never got around to it until my sweet blogger buddy Laine went private. This got my wheels turning so I am now doing the leg work of gathering email addresses to send invites... SO, if you would like an invitation to view my blog please send me your email address @ I have several but I definitely need ANNA B, BARBIE and CHELLEY (from Australia). So if you gals could send it to me I would appreciate it!!! We must stay in touch!! =)


The Ferrill's said...

Hey Amy! How did it go today? Wasn't that appointment today?
I love the nail painting pics....what sweet sisters!
I also loved your post about her being left handed! It touched me greatly...Linzhi sure is one amazing little girl with quite a story that only her Heavenly Father could write! What a blessing!

Chelley said...

thank you so much for letting me join you!!