Monday, February 13, 2012

Our valentine

On Valentine's day in 2005, God blessed us with a precious gift we didn't even know existed.  In a little box was a darling newborn baby girl named Xiao Li.  She was tightly wrapped in a yellow blanket and safety placed in the stairwell of a local hospital.  That was the last day her birth family held her...On Valentine's day, 2005. I always think of them on this day and how hard it was to leave their baby girl.  I cannot imagine their loss, how they will grieve her the rest of their lives.  I pray the orphanage some how got word to them that their baby girl no longer lays in a crib 18 hours a day that her forever family came for her, to love forever, as they do... I hope they know.

 That baby girl is Linzhi Rose.  I haven't shared with Linzhi this part of her life in China, we know she's too little to understand and she breaks SO easy...So in time, her time, we will tell her the story of Valentine's day, 2005 when she made an incredible journey from daughter to orphan until November, 2007 when she made yet another incredible journey from orphan to daughter-FOREVER!  Oh how we LOVE that girl!

So tomorrow morning, she will wake to a red heart shaped basket full of her favorite treats, lip gloss, a pencil and a little frog and Linzhi will be thrilled as she LOVES Valentine's day and that is enough for now. 

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Janet and Kevin said...

What a sweet post. Our oldest son was born on Valentine's Day. Such a special day.

janet and gang