Saturday, February 11, 2012

Father-Daughter dinner

Our church hosted an evening for fathers and daughters.  My girls (and CJ) were SO excited to attend.  Before they left, I curled hair and applied a little make-up.  Linzhi, my little romantic, squealed "I feel like I'm going on a date".  I answered, you are!  With your daddy.  :)  So sweet!

I dropped them off and promptly picked them up with the van nice and warm (we're finally getting some winter weather) and as we drove home, I listened to all the exciting news.  It's so fun to have all these daughters as I get all the details and feel the excitement with them.  Linzhi Rose was thrilled to the max as she was the winner of a $20 gift card to the movies.  What a blessing for my girls to have a special night with their daddy.  And CJ, well, he was so very proud of his young ladies.

What was I doing while they were gone?...  SHOPPING!  and loving every stinkin minute of it! 

Have a blessed weekend!


CK said...

Aww what a special time! Just think next year there will be 4 beautiful "dates" to accompany daddy.

Corinne said...

The girls looked absolutely beautiful Friday night. :) I'm so glad that they had a good time (and that Linzhi won that gift card! How special!). It was incredible to see all the dads/grandpas loving on their little girls!