Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Happy 10th birthday to our eldest daughter Madelyn. CJ and I feel so blessed to have this precious soul in our home. It's so nice to look back on her first year home but it's just as nice to have the first year over. That statement may come as a surprise but it's the truth. I love where she is now, she's more confident in her English and she's more settled in the family and best of all, her walk with Jesus grows everyday!

Thank you Lord for your gift to us.

Birthday morning!  Ready to open a special gift from Rachel.

A crystal nail file.  Madelyn has wanted this for awhile and Rachel remembered.

A sister hug.

Linzhi has a special gift for Madelyn too!

A beautiful snow globe.

Another sister hug!

Our 10 year old beauty.

Her special cake from mom and dad.

Her build a bear Jasmine with the build a bear cake.

Opening gifts (Mom and dad got her a shiny new bike).

I love her smile and laughter in this picture, it captures her sense of humor.

She was covered in LOVE by grandparents and extended family.  Madelyn chose the menu for dinner.... Fried chicken, mom's famous spaghetti sauce, salad, pickle rolls (thank you grandma sharon), french bread and potato chips (thank you,  Grandpa Bill).  Thank you to everyone who sent her cards and gifts, she was blessed!!!

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