Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To blog or not to blog?

I have to admit, I hardly think of my blog anymore. I have so much to say but time is not on my side however, I love to look back on our lives and this blog has proved to be a wonderful way to capture memories. But still, it's one more thing to think about, ya know what I mean?!?!?

What should I do?

Any Suggestions?



Barbie said...

Wish I had a suggestion! I started my blog to journal our family and it is so fun to look back and see all we have done and have been through. Yet, I hardly think of mine either. And when I do, it is out of guilt because I am not journaling. I have thought about just going private and strictly just using it as a personal journal to my family.

Sophie said...

I understand how you feel, it's hard keeping up with everything and blogging can get time consuming, especially this time of year. I decided to limit my time on the computer but to try and post at least once or twice a week. I do enjoy blogging and find other adoptive families blogs so encouraging and inspiring.

I say keep it up Amy!!

Lori Lee said...

Don't stop! I love reading about your precious children and going along the journey with you!

Laine said...

I'm with you, friend! I feel the same way...although I do LOVE getting to check in on friends who I've met through adoption--like YOU!

Janet and Kevin said...

I know that I can only post about once a week, but I read my favorite blogs several times throughout the week. I love spending time in catching up with your family and others. It is a great way to feel connected to other people who have a heart for adoption. No guilt whatsoever! Ha, ha!!

janet and gang

Dorothy said...

Oh, please don't stop! I get so excited whenever I stop by your blog and find that you've posted an update!

I only seem to find the time to update my own blog every few weeks these days myself! I'll make you a deal.....I'll keep plugging away at mine, if you'll keep going with yours! Okay? Even if you only update every couple of months....that'll work!

Take care!

Inga said...

I am a lurker and have been reading since your first adoption. Please don't stop or at least every couple of weeks or something. I have yet to adopt, but hopefully one day.

Sherman Unkefer said...

Please don't stop blogging. Your blog never ceases to amaze me and I love stopping by daily!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for always making my day!!!