Friday, May 28, 2010

More updates!

WOW! Things seem to be moving rather fast all of a sudden!

NVC letter came yesterday!!! My Favorite part of the letter is this..

"This case has been forwarded to:"

People's Republic of CH*NA!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited to get back to China! I have so much love in my heart for the people of that nation. In the mail with our NVC we received a beautiful, eye opening letter from our dear friend Rod about the Christianity movement going on in that country. I will post the entire letter once we're back from China.


Our sweet Linzhi Rose is schedule for her first surgery at Shriners Hospital on August 25th. I already have a lump in my throat. It's scary but we're so grateful God is right there with her and we trust and believe HE is in total control. Mama's heart is overwhelmed with emotion when it comes to one of her chicks getting ready to face a trial of life. I know there are so many mother's and father's facing much more with their kids so I am very grateful for Arthrogryposis.


Next week is our big garage sale to help raise additional $$$ for our adoption. Our orphanage donation went up...YIKES... Good thing God already has it figured out, I can't wait to see how the extra money is raised, I always love watching His plan unfold even in trying times. He knows best!

That's all the updates but I want to add one more thing. I want to keep it real here so here goes...

We are truly overwhelmed at how the Lord totally delivered us through all the trials of this adoption process. So there is never a doubt in our minds that this child is meant to be ours. These are just my thoughts here, I'm not going to speak for CJ... So here goes... I am getting a bit anxious along with all of the excitement. There are nights where I cannot sleep because I am praying and thinking of what lies ahead for Madelyn and our family. My prayers are more directed to Madelyn than anything else. I think about her at 8 1/2, living the life that is "normal" for her, all she's ever known. Then here we come speaking a language she doesn't know, looking completely different than anyone in her circle and then TAKING her from her familiar world. Oh my heart! It breaks every time I think of what she will be facing very soon. Honestly, the bravery of these children humble my heart in so many ways. As excited as we are to go to China and FINALLY see our child, it's bittersweet because of the loss she will face. Good or bad, it's her life and she will grieve for a long time. I know the Lord is near her and loving her so much more than anyone can. I praise the Lord, the creator of heaven and Earth, The Lord of the seen and unseen, our savior, the One who gave it all ...Is right there with us, all of us! For the good and bad He is there. What a relief! I pray Madelyn will know the peace of God and seek Jesus as the savior of her life. All those souls needing to know about Jesus, needing forever families, Madelyn is one of 147 million. Can you believe that number????? 147 MILLION orphans needing forever mama's and daddy's. If you have it in your heart to bring a child into your home to love and nurture, please don't wait another minute. There is NEVER a right time and there will NEVER be enough money, but GOD is so very faithful and will bless you in so many ways, ways you could never imagine. You will never be the same. Pray about it, ask Him to move your heart if you're stuck...And then get ready, buckle up! It's going to be an amazing ride!!!!!

God bless,


vicki said...

So glad your letter came!
It won't be long now!
Praying with you that things continuing moving quickly. In no time at all, she'll be united with her family FOREVER! Love that!


Football & Fried Rice said...

It's coming! Can you even believe it? Praying that God will prepare Madelyn's heart for you and for her new life. Also lifting up Miss LR for August! Momma - you've got a lot going on!

By the way; I got the purse!! Mya thinks it's hers. Oh well ;) It's beautiful - thanks!!!!!

Good luck with the sale!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh sweet Amy...I pray for:
Madelyn's heart to be so well prepared that you stand AMAZED!
for a HUGE SUCCESSFUL yard sale!
for sweet Linzhi on August 25!

You are getting so close to that beautiful daughter! TEARS!

Julie said...

Praying for Linzhi's upcoming surgery, for the doctors and for peace for you and CJ. Praying for your upcoming trip to China and for Madelyn, for all she will gain and all that she will leave behind.

Peace be with you all.

Janet and Kevin said...

Moving along! Yippeeeeee!

I was moved by your post of your worries for your daughters. Praying for peace and that everything goes very well for both girls.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

Sophie said...

Hi Amy,
We've emailed eachother a couple times about the dance school your girls attend. So happy to hear things are moving quickly and your precious daughter will be home soon, also I will pray for Linzhi's upcoming surgery.
Would love to get together some time, we're not that far from eachother.