Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catchin up!

Everytime I try to get to my computer to do a post, something comes up and I'm side tracked!! There is a lot going on here so I thought now would be a great time to do an update!

We made a HUGE decision this week for our kids. We have decided after much prayer that next school year, I will home school the girls! If you know me, this is a thought I have entertained but came up with more cons than pros to move forward. Recently, as we began to discuss school for both Linzhi Rose and Madelyn, I had a nagging pit of anxiousness in my stomach that would not go away. All the "What if's" kept running through my head like, Madelyn's mobility, language barriers, bonding, all the stairs she would have to climb (she has arthrogryposis in her left leg) not to mention my Linzhi Lu that needs bathroom assistance, just to name a few...SO many o' nights I was on bended knees asking the Lord to reveal to us the best game plan for our three little girls...? Trevor is home schooled but all his classes are online so I'm not teaching him, just monitoring as he goes along so the idea of teaching my littles to read and write has intimdated me so the thought of home schooling was an idea I kept way way way in the back of my mind. Last week, I finally admitted my fears and prayed hard for direction AND let me tell you folks, the answer to my prayers came super fast! WOW! I was shocked, but not surprised. I know the Lord takes care of His flock and my little girls are His flock as we all are. He knows what's best for them and how to have all their school needs met and the answer is here at home surrounded by love and safety and CJ is totally on board as well...actually he's pretty relieved too!! I have dreaded the idea of trying to figure things out for Madelyn at school. Since they would have gone to a private school most likely we would have to have hired a private aide for both girls not to mention $700 dollars a month for all three girls tuition. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Rachel's school and strongly support it and we would have made it work if that's what we felt was best but knowing we have another option is so heart warming for CJ and me. All the things I feared about teaching has "left the building" I've been given so much peace about this decision that my wheels are spinning on all the ideas for the upcoming school year. This coming week we are going to start and finish Madelyn's bedroom and then it's off to putting our classroom together!! Thank God we have the space to have an actual classroom so we feel totally blessed! I'm in the market now for three little desks and some other odds and ends. I can't wait to get started and plan on blogging about our jounrney through home school!

Another exciting project I'm working on with the help of my mother in law Sharon, is a fundraiser garage sale!!! We've asked friends and family if they wish to donate items to sell to raise funds for our upcoming travels and the increase in the orphanage donation fee we just found put about...sigh... Anyway, I pray we do well, I have a ton of stuff I need to get rid of and lots of people have offered to help. Thank you all!! If you live in my area, please come over to shop!! We'll be open on Thursday May 27th and Friday May 28th. For more info, you can email me at

On Friday, I receieved a letter for immigration that they have recieved and are processing our I-800 paperwork for Miss Madelyn...We're getting closer and closer everyday!

Trevor went to prom this weekend with his friend Katelyn. I am so proud of my boy, he is such a sweet gentleman and is so thoughtful when it comes to taking care of his date for the evening. I feel so blessed to call him my son. All my kids are true treasures from above, I PRAISE God he trusts me with His children. Below are some pictures from his weekend!!

I had a wonderful mother's day filled with precious homemade and thoughtful gifts! Church was great and our lunch was "interesting" but we made it fun and it was a perfect day for this mama... My cup overflows tonight. My heart is full.

Trevor and Kaitlyn...Prom 2010
Our mother's day lunch
Mom and Son.
Group sho( it was very crowded and I had a very bad angle)
Kaitlyn's dress was gorgeous! My son looked awesome in his tux!


Chelley said...

Well I take my hat of to you!! And I know that what ever you put your heart too it will work out just like you hoped!

Football & Fried Rice said...

What a proud Momma you must have been this past weekend!! Trevor was so handsome and you even had a nice Mother's Day Lunch! What a great weekend..

What a big decision with the kiddos! You will cherish your tie with your kids while they are young!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Walking Tacos!

We like to use Doritos! These are great for camping cause you can make it all in advance - yum! It's also fondly known as "fair food"


Janet and Kevin said...

What a great weekend! And what a great decision as far as school is concerned. Both my husband and I are public school teachers (I am taking a break since being at home with my little ones right now), and the last thing we thought we would ever do would be to home school!

But - guess what?? Next fall I will be home schooling Philip! I have already purchased his curriculum, and Kevin and I are so excited to do this! Who would have every thought??

We can keep in touch and support each other with our home schooling!!

Janet and gang

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I am soo excited for you to homeschool!!! :) You will do fantastic, with the Lord as your guide! :) If I can ever be of know how to get a hold of me!

Your son and his date look wonderful in the pictures!

OH...and I wanted to mention, as well, that I Love the background on your blog! It's beautiful!