Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Linzhi Rose

Hello friends, I've been MIA for a bit...Lots of stuff happening here. I'm writing this evening about our Linzhi Rose or sweetly known as "Lu Belle." Last Wednesday, we went for our appointment at Shriners Hospital in Chicago to get the ball rolling for Linzhi's first tendon release surgery on her left arm. It's always amazes me how God works things out. In my little fretting moments, I was thinking "what if Linzhi has surgery the week before we leave for China?" or "Will we have to reschedule her surgery because of China?" I knew the timing was going to be close but of course, God knows best. So the reason I'm sharing all this is because of the way Shriners system works. Linzhi's amazing Dr. L is booked out two months for surgery so our "original" appt. to get on the list was set for April 2nd. Now, if he's booked out two months that would mean surgery would happen mid-June if everything went as planned. I'm *guessing* we may travel July/August???? So thinking how close it would be, I was on bended knees asking God to give me supernatural wisdom and obedience so I could relax and remember HE has this all worked out, we just have to wait to see how He works it out. I do, I really do trust Him, I don't want to let Him down. I also know through experience that He does test His flock to see how far you will hang on to Him through Joyful times and not so joyful times. I was fearful of leaving my sweet baby, fresh out of surgery to travel across the world from her as she recuperates from a painful surgery. But of course, God revealed a different plan. Two weeks ago I had a message from Shriners scheduling asking us to come in on March 17th instead of April 2nd! WHAT?!?!? Almost three weeks earlier!!! We were thrilled beyond belief! So Lu Belle is on the wait list, we are waiting for surgery scheduling to call us so we can get on the calendar for mid-MAY!!! So unless God sends us our LOA super fast we should be able to have Linzhi recuperated and out of hard casting before we leave to get our Madelyn. Sometimes I think God looks down on me and shakes His head thinking, "My Amy, when will you relax?" =)


Janet and Kevin said...

Yep, I do it too - always trying to worry about my plans when God has it under control! So glad it is going to work out for the surgery.

Will be praying for Linzhi Rose.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

TanyaLea said...

You posted this for me, didn't you!? ;) Yep, I needed this message, too. God is faithful. I love how He keeps coming through for you over and over again! He is GOOD!!! <><

Praying that all goes well for your sweet Linzhi Rose (I LOVE her name and spelling of it, btw!!) and that she has a speedy recovery!

God bless!


Amanda said...

Yes, that's the most difficult thing for us planners.

We would be fine if HE would just let us in on the plan already! :) Although his plans are always so much better than ours!

All in due time.

I now have one of those wooden signs (you know the ones that say "Family", "Laugh", "Hope"...) mine says "Patience". Pretty fitting ya think!

You know without a doubt Miss Linzhi is in my prayers and my heart! I just love that little girl :)


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Amy...I just love God's timing!
I'm SO excited you are getting so close...you know how spring flies by...and summer will be here before you know it!
Oh sweet Madelyn...you are getting the BEST family EVER!