Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just what this mama needed!

I am falling in love with her more and more everyday. I am not living in la-la land, I know there will be many hiccups adopting an older child BUT after the major drama we went through for 5 1/2 months getting our approval there is NO way I am going to doubt for one minute this child is not meant to be ours. I can already picture her here with us!! My hubby and I, lovingly refer to our girls as "fuzz heads" because of their hair in the morning. I just can't wait to have three "fuzz heads" here in my arms. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!! I needed this little glimpse of my daughter, I needed to see her with the flowers, Mulan doll and Hello Kitty back pack (filled w/goodies) her FOREVER family sent her. I sent the flowers through Adele Check her out, she is a God send to our family!

I'm sure we're LID by now, we're just waiting for the date of log in so technically, I'm counting down to LOA. I will let you know when we get our actual LID. A gal I met that shares the same timeline with me told me she was told July (ish) for travel. YAY!! Enjoy the pictures of our Madelyn.


Barbie said...

So adorable! And we mommas can live in the reality while dreaming. God made us that way. ;-) There is no doubt His hand is all over this!!

Dawn said...

I know you KNOW but she is worth all the tears. Hope your LID and LOA arrives quicker then you think it will...she is so beautiful!


Sandy said...

Hey Amy,
Thanks for the update...I have been patiently..LOL..waiting and praying like crazy.
Love ya cuz,

vicki said...

LOVE that package you sent. The flowers are great!
Isn't the waiting hard? I know how you feel!! I can't tell you the number of times EACH day that I look at Jenna's pictures and daydream about loving on her while I'm doing the same with emily here.
Keep me updated!
Counting down to LOA with you!

Mandi said...

She is so adorable. I love those cheeks. I cannot wait for you to hold her in your arms.


Mandi said...

Hey, I just tried the link to Adele and it does not work.


TanyaLea said...

Oh Amy!!! She is SO beautiful! There IS NO DOUBT she is meant to be your daughter! You've been through quite the journey thus is all DOWN HILL from here! PTL!!! <>< July travels would be awesome! Looks like she is loving her gift and those flowers would put a big ol' smile on my face, too...they're beautiful!

SO happy for you! I can't wait until you have "3 little fuzz heads" in your house, too!! :)