Thursday, June 11, 2009

So grateful!

We are just feeling so blessed and humbled by all the generous folks out there that have bought raffle tickets, prayed and posted about our fundraiser! I love you all for your big hearts and support.

Our first time adopting, I felt a bit isolated. I didn't blog, didn't read blogs and really didn't find any other adoptive families in the area where we live. I would often pray for connections either through the adoption community or within my community. Well, the flood gates have been opened and I am just in awe of all the wonderful opportunities and people I've come across.

Here's another prayer answered...

We live in a small community and once in awhile I will see an Asian child with an American parent. I was always fearful of over stepping so I found myself too shy (I know a lot of you are laughing) to approach them. Until the day of Rachel's dress rehearsal for her recital that is... As I was walking in, I saw this mother walking in with her two beautiful Chinese daughters, I really wanted to walk over and talk to her but my goodness, I was in a ocean of glitter, tap shoes, bobby pins and tu tu's...Darn, I thought...Maybe I'll catch her another time. I found my friend Malissa, we found our seats in the theater, start chit chatting, when all of a sudden I see that same mom again but this time she sat right in front of me! Total GOD thing, no doubt! Little did she know behind her was a crazed mother that LOVES to talk adoption!! I quickly tapped her shoulder and the rest is history. Come to find out, her one daughter is from Wuhan like Madelyn!!

Now, I have been praying to connect with other families that have Chinese children, not only for my Chinese daughters but for Rachel as well. I want her to get involved in her sisters culture as well and where we live our only real chance is driving up to Chicago every Saturday to Chinese Culture school which we were planning on starting this summer. Well, God had another plan for us... Not only did he place before me a sweet mother of two Chinese Children but this mother also invited us (Rachel too) to join the Chinese Culture class in a little, very little town about 9 miles from my house!!!! We start on Tuesday!!! We will learn Mandarin from a Chinese gal that is going to college in Illinois, plus we will also learn about the culture, holidays, etc... ANSWERED PRAYER!

A little update on the kids...

Trevor has a interview at Subway on Tuesday! He has been trying to find a job now that he has a car and sees how expense gas is...LOL... He is also doing very well behind the wheel and I am feeling God's presence with him as he drives. He really is in His hands!

Miss Rachel has started horseback riding lessons and LOVES every minute of it!! I thought they would ease her into getting on that big horse..NOPE, she was on her own up there as her instructor walked next to her, then the instructor backed off and RACHEL steered the horse. I have NO pictures because my silly camera battery was dead. So tomorrow I will take a ton of pics to post.

Miss Linz is also out at the horse stables but she rides a pony named Skeeter for her OT therapy. Linzhi is too funny, she refuses to admit she's having fun even with a smile on her face! CJ asked her, Linz are you having fun (smile on face) NO!! yeah right! She was having a blast!

So between horseback riding and Chinese class, that's all the activities we're planning on this summer. I hate to over extend so I don't. =)

Weight loss update...

CJ has lost 30 lbs!!!
Trevor 19 lbs!!
Amy- 7 lbs...I think I've hit a plateau....LOL...

Adoption update:
Well the home study is finished! It is now in the hands of Karla at Lifeline to review, once approved by LL we then have to send it to the State of IL (DCFS and only in IL) to approve, then we can send in our I-800!!!!!! All of these steps will be finished within 2-3 weeks so I'm praying to be DTC by late August, early Sept. I've heard from a few people they're getting CIS approvals rather quickly...YEAH!!

Thank you again for all your loving support!!


Mandi said...


So glad to hear things are going well for you all. We too are hoping to be DTC by August or early September. Our I-800 was mailed last week, so we are waiting on confirmation that it was received.

We are having a HUGE garage sale this weekend as a fundraiser as well as a small raffle on our blog. Matt has not been working alot lately so our adoption funds are pretty much gone at this point.

I still have faith that He is going to make this all happen in His time and Drew will be home with us soon enough.


Jenna York said...


Chelley said...

Wow things are moving along for you!!

I am really sure that your weight loss will be on the move again before you know it!! That is a great about summer is the food can be so much lighter!!!

Money here is a little tight at the moment but as soon as I can I will send some your way!