Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Our sweet little girl, that has a passion for horses and all creatures big and small has begun horse back riding lessons! Rachel is extremely controlled and relaxed while riding, I have to say we're very impressed and in awe of our little girl. I mean, those beauties can be a bit intimidating to a child that little but she conquered her nerves and off she went. I see her passion and love every time we pull up to the stables, she gets so excited and I can feel my heart bouncing out of my chest in excitement for her too!! Her instructor Karen is just too sweet, Rachel connected with her immediately! The horse that Rachel rides is 21 years old and his name is Vegas. Vegas is a special horse because he is also a therapy horse, his owner has a limb deformity and began riding him several years ago for therapy. His owner is now working on her masters degree so Vegas is boarded at the stable. We love Vegas! He is so sweet and gentle, it's too cute to watch Rachel get him into a trot and slow him down, he's so obedient and just beautiful.

Now Linzhi rides a therapy pony named Skeeter which is just too cute! But last Friday, her therapist was on vacation so Linzhi stayed home with daddy and the week before my camera failed so I have no pics of Linzhi but I'll get some this Friday. My hubby bought an awesome Canon Rebel and it takes great pictures, now my kids are really going to feel like the paparazzi is following them...LOL...

Anyway, here are some cute pics of our girl.... oh, and they're out of order!! Enjoy!

Rachel slowing Vegas down. Her face looks so determined. =)
Look at her go...


Getting ready to saddle up! (see her horse tank top...everything is HORSE now)

The horse stable is also an animal rescue, there are all kinds of animals to pet.

My favorite!

Getting into a trot.

With Karen, getting up on the saddle. Karen said Rachel is a total natural!

Leading Vegas out to the arena.

Getting ready to go out to the stable.


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Chelley said...

I have to say the siloreat photo is my FAV as well!

I think having horse sence is a great thing to have as a child! There is something very peacefiul that horoses can give to there rider