Monday, August 27, 2012


This is my sweet boy.  I found out he was coming into my life when I was 18 years old.  I was told I had "options".  I ignored all the voices and opinions coming out to me as I knew this child was a blessing from God.  When I became a mother on January 12th, 1993 that was the first time in my life I felt loved.  Growing up, I didn't feel loved or wanted much of the time so when that big baby boy was placed in my arms, everything changed.  I made a promise to him the night before his birth that I would tell him everyday how much I loved him and how much he mattered to me.  And now, almost 20 years later, I still hold my promise.

I am pro-life.  I faced hardships as a young, single mother but I knew it was not up to me to choose if my unborn child lived or died.  He has a plan for his life written by his heavenly father and  I am so grateful to be an instrument in the works of God for the life of this sweet soul.

Yesterday, CJ and I moved him into his apartment at his new school in Chicago.  Unfortunately, I couldn't spare Trevor certain hardships that I had hoped to but God was faithful and blessed Trevor with CJ when he was 9 years old.  CJ always loved and provided for Trevor as if he was his own.  So you can imagine my delight as I witnessed yesterday how proud and excited CJ was (and is) for our boy.  It blessed my soul. 

Now I'm learning the new normal around the house, I've had a few several moments of the ugly cry but I'm getting through it. Thankfully, some other mama's have offered encouragement to me today which has helped so much.  I'm a big baby when it comes to the five treasures I call my kids and if you've read my blog over the last 4 years you know that's a true statement! 

So Tonight, even though not all my birds are in the nest, I am Grateful beyond measure, my cup overflows.

Thank you Jesus for Trevor.


Paige said...

Beautiful! I promise it will get better as you watch him loving his life! I cried the big ole ugly cry every time one of mine went to college, just yesterday my Julianne went back for her senior year and I fought those tears:) hang in there!!

Janet and Kevin said...

How sweet your son is! When Ted went to college that first time, Kevin and I really, really grieved for a good bit. It did get better eventually, and I remember a friend telling me during that first week of Ted's moving to college how it would get better. Oh, but how hard those first few days and weeks are without them home.

Will hold you up in prayer and pray also that Trevor's time in college is beyond wonderful for him!

janet and gang

Jenna said...


My name is Jenna. your kids are a special miracle from god, a gift from above, earthly angel. Your kids are full of happiness, life, smiles, joy, fun,love, and spunk.

I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and have 14 other medical conditions, and developmental delays.

I wrote this poem
Each of us are Special
Each of us different,
No one is the same
Each of are us are unique in our own way,
Those of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
Those who of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
It doesn't matter what others say
we are special anyway.
What is forty feet and sings? the school chior