Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exciting news!

Today marks day 53 since we sent in our I-800a application (US immigration).  From time to time I would  check on the status to see if I could figure out when we could expect our approval.  Well.... The Lord sent me another sweet blessing today... APPROVAL!!!!!!! 

We are in just complete shock!  This process has gone so smooth and after the nightmare we faced getting Madelyn here, I am on bended knees giving thanks.  (We gave thanks during the nightmare too).

One HUGE step closer to our baby girl.  <><


Sophie said...

That's awesome news Amy.

Laine said...

Amy that is SO exciting! Praise the Lord! What a HUGE step!

Football and Fried Rice said...


Not many more steps until you are BUYING plane tickets!!!!!!!

Sammons said...

Amy, so happy To hear these latest steps toward Gracie! We were just approved as well, also adopting a little girl with a complex heart condition. Have you requested to be expedited or is Gracies health stable? Who knows, maybe we will travel together! If you ever want to talk timelines, send me an email. Mary