Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update in pictures! (in no particular order)

Photo of Linzhi by Madelyn.
Madelyn and Linzhi (self portrait)
See what happens when my camera disappears!
Our Linzhi LOVES pillow pets!
Posing with Linzhi's pillow pets (picture by Linzhi)
Another cute picture by Madelyn.
At MGM with Handy Mandy!
Universal Studios at Harry Potter-Trevor's absolute favorite!
Passing out in Madelyn's wheelchair (staged of course!)
With Belle at Cinderella's castle.
And Snow White.
Embracing Cinderella.
On the train at Magic Kingdom!
Ariella. Big brother stated "she's the prettiest"
Minnie's place
Toon town. Last week before it was taken down =(
Early morning at Denny's as we were leaving for our long drive to Florida!
Craft time!
Chinese New Year preparations!
Linzhi filling her red envelopes.
Madelyn too!
Sisters forever!
Madelyn being goofy at the Children's museum. Madelyn getting her pizza order.

Linzhi cooking plastic hot dogs.
Rachel bringing me my order.
Madelyn playing dentist.
Linzhi showing me how she can stretch her hands. PROGRESS!
Posing for mama.
Water works. Fun and WET!
Back at the diner.
School, working on self portrait.
Rachel too!
Trevor at his 18th birthday party!
Madelyn made me lunch. Ham sandwich and an orange.


Sophie said...

looks like Disney was a great time. You have a beautiful family.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Disney looks like it was a blast! I can't believe how long Linzhi's hair is! Wow! How is school going? It looks like complete order at your house :) a little jealous!