Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cross and stitch

We have a little bit of cabin fever here in our house. We leave for Disney World in exactly 3 weeks so the girls are just beside themselves with excitement, not to mention Miss Linzhi turns 6 in two weeks! Even with all the upcoming events, we are climbing the walls. School is keeping us very busy and I've been adding in a few field trips here and there to switch up our days plus we have gymnastics and dance once a week, so we're not complaining, we're just missing the sun and outside play. So, I've been trying to think up a winter activity that could keep them busy in the evenings and off their DS (very limited). I wanted to find something that they all could do on their own but the same project so I felt a little too ambitious and dug out my sewing box and an old sheet and proudly proclaimed "mama's gonna show you how to make homemade baby dolls!" Ok, if you know me, you know I can cook up a storm, plan and host great parties, and even a few more things here and there but the Lord did not bless me with the gift of anything to do with threading a needle or running a sewing machine! I tried, I really did. I have a bloody thumb to prove it! The girls were not that impressed with their super mama (ha ha), in fact, I think they saw a side of me that maybe shocked them.. I.GAVE.UP! Yep, I told them I was so sorry to disappoint but I have a plan and it involves getting your new cowboy boots on ($6 bucks at Target and all three got a pair-whoo hoo) and going to Hobby Lobby!! They shouted for joy and off we went, even with daddy in tow. CJ and I were reminiscing of years gone by when we both did "latch hook" projects so we thought that would be a great way to start. Once we got there, it was apparent it was too much of a project to start with and the girls didn't seem too interested (darn for me, I wanted to get my old latch out) however, we did find some awesome "starter" cross stitch kits and we grabbed all of them plus, they we're 30% off!! We hit it big so we couldn't wait to get home...Well, after we walked around for almost an hour. =)

Enjoy the pics! God bless!

Miss Linzhi taking a break to look up at mama.
Rachel covering up her cross stitch because she's not finished yet and doesn't want anyone to see it (except me, cuz I'm her helper) =)

Madelyn proudly displaying what she has accomplished thus far.

Madelyn is very detailed and a bit of a perfectionist (except in keeping her room clean).

Rachel getting the hang of it!
Look at this girl! This is the same little girl we were told would NEVER be an independent child. Our response, "never put a limit on any child" and she proves this to us!


TanyaLea said...

Oh AMY... I have MISSED YOU!! I'm not sure what's up with my dashboard, but I haven't been getting updated feeds from your site, so I set out 'looking' for you tonight. You have just been on my heart and I had to come by and see how your beautiful family is doing! LOVE the family photo in your header ~ it is such a joy to see Madelyn HOME!!

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you. Heading back to peruse through some more old posts and catch up on your family a bit. Enjoy your upcoming vacation ~ that sounds like SO much fun!! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Janet and Kevin said...

Your girls are working so hard and intently on their new projects. How cute! That seems like a fun thing to do on a winter's day.

janet and gang