Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and the winner is....

I haven't posted many pictures lately because I misplaced my Canon PowerShot, well I happily found it, so I'm now back in business altho, I still can't find the battery charge and now the battery light is flashing, I guess I could pull out CJ's big Canon Rebel (big to me and yes, it takes better quality pics), but I prefer my little blue PowerShot. Anywho, below are some pictures of the girls and me making homemade valentine's. This is the first year the girls were able to bring some to school so we decided to go all out. I'm not super crafty but my little girlies love to do crafts so I frequent Hobby Lobby often. Thank God for pre-packaged crafts with a sample!!! :)

Hopefully soon, I'll have some new pictures of Madelyn. We sent her a flower bouquet and a fruit basket plus, I paid extra for some digital photos of our girl. It's such a relief to finally be DTC! I'm praying we are back from China before June, I know, I know it's a looooong shot but I would really like to keep Linzhi's surgery from being rescheduled. I know all the little details I fuss about are already taken care of so I'll just pray for wisdom and patience because I know Madelyn will come home AND Linzhi will be able to have her surgery at the right time. You know the story "God giggles when WE make HIS plans" (or something like that???) One thing I am so happy about is NOT traveling to China in the winter months. We did for Linzhi and it was hard at times because she hated the hotel room but it was too cold to take her outside for fresh air because of the cold. Guangzhou was even a little chilly when we were there so this time I am looking forward to warmer weather for sure. Last night I jokingly commented to CJ..."I think I'm going to start some preliminary packing for China...His response "OK". LOL...I think he's excited too!

Below are some pics of us making our Valentine's PLUS, a picture of my 200th post giveaway prize. BLESSINGS!
The winner of this pretty little plaque is.... Barbie @ Leaving Footprints!!! I just love Barbie! I've followed both of her adoption journeys and I gotta tell you, she has inspired me!!!! Congratulations!

Yes, Linzhi is still in her PJ's (she's off on Thursdays) and Yes, she's being a stinker and refuses to look at her daddy for a picture.

Daddy and Rachel with some of the finished Valentine's (and no the pictures aren't in order).

More completed Valentine's from Miss Rachel.

Rachel with another finished and Mama with her "sample"

Working hard on all the details.

Mama wrangling Linzhi in to sit still so she can make her Valentine's too.

Happy Crafters!

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