Saturday, April 18, 2009

My kids

This week has been a tough one for some reason. My girls have been fighting almost everyday and I find myself raising my voice more than I have to just to get them to behave. I have to admit it, I am looking forward to school starting on Monday and I think they are too! They keep asking "how many sleeps until school", they love their teachers and all the special activities they get to do while there. This is Rachel's last year at this precious school as she will start kindergarten in the fall. We're debating and praying on home schooling her for grade K along with Madelyn, then in the fall of 2010 all three girls will start together in their respective grades at a private Christian school we interviewed and decided would be the best place for our girls. So again, we're praying about it. I know several of you ladies home school so if you have any recommendations on curriculum I would be ever so grateful!!! Here's are some pics of my sweet babies...Even on the days when I'm on the brink of running to my room to hide under my pillows, I love everyday with them!!

Ps... My Trevor will be getting his driver's license at the end of the month!!! I'm not ready for this!!!! =(

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